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Electrical Engineering degree from Istanbul Technical University and completed his MBA at Pirireis University. He joined Şişecam in 2003. Since 2014, he has been working at Şişecam Headquarters, taking part in the coordination of energy efficiency projects of all domestic and international factories, communication with legal authorities, and the coordination of the company's sustainability activities. Recently, he served as the Energy and Environmental Technologies Manager and as the Assistant General Manager for Research, Development and Quality. He joined 7Cbasalia Global Company in June 2022 as Chief Project Officer.

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Decarbonisation of Glass Industry by Basalia’s Technology

The impact of Green Deal and similar initiatives on the glass industry will be substantial, mainly due to the impossibility of reducing combustion energy beyond a certain point, unavailability of full-electric mass technologies and sufficient green electricity, infancy, and ineffectiveness of hydrogen energy, as well as low profit margins that cannot sustain high process costs. The only robust, economic, and green solution for the carbon crisis the glass industry is facing, is the revolutionary Basalia Bio-circular Technology, through which CO2 and all other pollutants and greenhouse gasses in the chimney stack, namely NOx, SOx and hydrocarbons can be completely eliminated without creating additional waste. The Basalia invention by Mr. Ahmet Basal is based on restoring the element cycles of nature broken by linear economies using tools of nature itself. A culture of microorganisms trained to survive and thrive in all sorts of solid waste is used to ferment a random mixture of organic and inorganic waste, releasing hydrogen rich Basalia gas and the Basalia solid. Basalia solid can subsequently be used in aqueous and solid-state systems to convert all chimney gasses into stable natural compounds. In this decarbonisation process, no additional energy or chemicals are used.