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Melike Altınışık as an award-winning architect and designer, is dedicated to develop an innovative and visionary projects towards architecture, urbanism and design. She leads her international architecture practice Melike Altınışık Architects- MAA with offices based in Istanbul, Turkey and in Seoul, South Korea.

MAA’s work includes CTBUH 2022 “Best Tall Non-Building 2022” winning projects with advanced technology and innovation such as futuristic 369m supertall the Istanbul TV-Radio Tower in Istanbul, Turkey, and the world's first pioneering Robot and AI Museum (RAIM) in Seoul, South Korea.

Melike was awarded a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) in London in 2006 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 2003 with her High Honours. Prior to forming her own practice MAA Istanbul Office in 2013, she has worked with Zaha Hadid Architects in London between 2006-2013.

Her training allows her to lead projects of varying scales from masterplans, high-rise buildings, and cultural centres to bespoke interiors, installations and product designs, from initial concept to execution.

Her work has been commended with a number of awards including Europe 40 under 40, FEIDAD Design Award and Swiss Art Award, BAKSI ’Architecture Contribution Award’ 2021.

She is also an international lecturer and sits on several international juries at various institutions such as Architectural Association (AA, London), Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL), Staedelschule of Architecture (SAC) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

​Presentation ​​

Fusion of Maestros

Melike Altınışık's presentation delves into the captivating synergy that unfolds when nature, architecture, and technology converge, emphasizing the collaborative efforts across disciplines to drive innovation. Through a showcase of distinctive achievements from MAA's diverse work, such as the futuristic 365-meter Çamlıca Tower in Istanbul, the unique TPAO Headquarters in Zonguldak, the eco-friendly Coa Hills in Sapanca, and the groundbreaking Robot and AI Museum in Seoul, Altınışık underscores how the fusion of natural inspiration and technological expertise results in spaces that seamlessly meld with their environment.

This enlightening talk spotlights the intricate processes of collaboration that underpin these remarkable projects, spotlighting how the shared expertise of different disciplines yields transformative architectural solutions. By delving into these compelling case studies, Altınışık eloquently demonstrates how collaborative innovation can harmonize diverse influences, ushering in new design paradigms that reshape our built world.

At its core, Melike Altınışık's discourse uncovers a rich tapestry of connections that extend beyond structures, shaping not only the physical spaces we inhabit but also our perception of the world. It offers a compelling viewpoint on the power of interdisciplinary collaboration between nature, architecture, and technology, illustrating how their symbiotic partnership births visionary designs that inspire awe, kindle creativity, and leave an enduring legacy of harmonious coexistence.