Circular Design Consultant
Otura Design, NL



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Rianne Koens graduated cum laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. Her graduation projects got awarded and nominated. Thanks to this success she launched the design label Otura in 2012. As all her work is inspired by the Turkish culture she’s active from Istanbul since 2013. Ever since she designs for the Otura collection and international brands. Three years ago, Koens made a career switch from design to circular design consultant.

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Circular Design

As a designer, Koens believes that she is responsible for what she brings to the world. Her designs usually depend on existing production facilities. These are often not yet ready for the circular economy. She, therefore has made it her artistic ambition to break through entrenched production systems in order to achieve positive circular results. Otura Design offers Circular trainings using the Circo-strategy to identify value losses and to analyze opportunities. Long term projects can be found in the Zero Burn and Rethink Softly. Koens believes that the creative talent of her and her colleagues is needed now more than ever before to come up with new innovative insights for the circular economy. She believes the role of designers today has expanded from just ‘form creators' to initiators and insight providers.