Treasurer, Board Member, World Design Organization
President, Industrial Designers Society of Türkiye, TR



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Sertaç Ersayın has been managing design initiatives for Turkey, these include various industries, NGOs, Societies, Local Municipalities and National Government projects. In the past 11 years, he organized several international design events in Turkey such as Design Turkey, Design Evaluation Systems for Ministry of Trade and Turkish Exports Assembly. He has been deeply engaged in integrating designers with the government and industry. These collaborations bring awareness about SDGs in Turkey through responsible production and consumption in various sectors. He has been involved in different industries in Design and Management responsibilities where ideas are assessed through the results of product and consumer experience and the returns of experiences from nearly +65 countries around the world.

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Sustainable Collaboration is The First Step of Creative Innovation and Design

From start-up s to high-tech companies from social initiatives to global communities; collaboration allows different sectors, such as NGOs, government, business and communities, to come together and pool their resources, knowledge and expertise. Collaborative efforts can enable systemic change and address sustainability challenges by leveraging the challenges of each sector. It promotes knowledge sharing and innovation, as well as the sharing of collaboration, knowledge, best practices and innovative ideas. By working together, stakeholders can learn from each other's experiences. Collaborative efforts have the potential to create a greater impact than individual actions. By combining diverse perspectives, skills, and resources, collaborations can address sustainability issues on a larger scale and create threatening change. Sharing risks, including funding, technology, enables stakeholders to improve their capacity to address sustainability situations more effectively. While the inclusive process differentiates stakeholders, it can contribute to their perspectives, needs, aspirations, and guarantee the future of sustainability. Sustainability challenges are complex and require long-term solutions. Collaborations provide a platform for sustainable efforts by fostering relationships and partnerships that go beyond the short-term project. This platform helps to build long-term cooperation, resilience in the face of changing conditions and ensures continuous progress towards a sustainable future. Sustainable collaboration is the first step of creative innovation for building up the future.