CEO, Co-Founder
PaneraTech, Inc., US



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Dr. Yakup Bayram is CEO of PaneraTech. PaneraTech helps glass and steel manufacturers reliably make more product with their critical assets, even with a less-experienced workforce. PaneraTech’s digital transformation of assets enables managers to make data-driven decisions by providing the threefold support of technology, data, and expertise. Prior to PaneraTech, Dr. Bayram has been the Principal Investigator and leading scientist on various radar-based sensors for asset health monitoring at The Ohio State University. Dr. Bayram and his team have been working with manufacturers for over two decades, developing innovative solutions for effective critical asset management. Dr. Bayram received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University, specializing in advanced sensor solutions.

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Bridging the Generation Gap with Data-Driven Processes

The glass industry is experiencing the collision of two major changes. First, an increase in the cost of capital due to rising interest rates has made the optimization of assets a high priority. Second, the experienced managers who oversee asset optimization are retiring away, leaving furnaces in the hands of a younger, less-experienced workforce. One issue compounds the effect of the other.

One solution to this problem is digitization for data-driven decision making using Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, approximately 75% of AI algorithms never make it to production. This is often because the proper steps were not taken, or important steps were missed in the process.

This presentation will outline the five steps to digital transformation: The first step is to collect data using advanced sensors. Next, a platform needs to be provided for visibility and analyzation of that data. Once the data is available, the next step is to provide transparency across the organization so that stakeholders can understand what the data means and why certain things are happening. A very crucial step that is often missed is to build a data-driven culture in the organization so that everyone is comfortable with the use of data and this kind of decision-making is a normal part of day-to-day operations. Only after all of these steps have been taken can AI algorithms be successfully established.

Dr. Bayram will demonstrate how PaneraTech is helping glass manufacturers walk through the process of digital transformation to help bridge the generation gap and promote successful furnace life optimization.